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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Motorcycle Deaths: Do Not Hog the Right Lane

Good day fellow motorists,

There has been a recent spate of fatal motorcycle accidents which are alarming. Amidst Singapore's growing population of humans and vehicles, life is getting more and more stressful, hectic and fast paced. Everyone is rushing, to work, to home, to make ends meet, rushing to find the next pay cheque to pay the bills. As such, motorcyclists have to be very careful on the roads because plenty of vehicles are in a hurry.

If you are a slow or new rider, some GOOD ADVICE would be to KEEP LEFT and avoid the extreme right lane, especially so if your motorcycle is a small capacity bike, which lacks the torque and power to out accelerate the mass of cars on the roads.

An example of a motorcyclist endangering his own life would be the below biker road hogging the extreme right lane. If the car driver is impatient and is trying to overtake, the biker is placing himself at risk because the driver behind is in a hurry and wants to overtake as soon as possible but is unable to because the bike is hogging the extreme right lane. As such, there is a possibility that the car may just try to overtake anyway with whatever space he can find and squeeze the biker off the lane, causing danger to the motorcyclist.

As bikers, we should have the responsibility to take care of our own safety. So the best bet would be to AVOID HOGGING the right lane and KEEP LEFT.

With regards to cars driving fast (Not much opportunity to do so now in Singapore), the Traffic Police is just waiting to book them. Our problem in Singapore is that Traffic Police do not seem to be interested in booking ROAD HOGGERS, thus contributing to the already bad problem of congestion and higher ERP charges.

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Your humble servant of
Justice Bao Gong


=) said...

Dont mind me giving my 2 cents worth but personally, i think that this rider is not doing anything wrong. He/She isn't road hogging even though there is more than ample distance from the car in front, as the rider is actually over taking the vehicle on his left and that is what the 'right' lane is for right? I do agree with what u say about bikes with small engines though. They should be keeping to the left, no doubt about it. Good post. Thanks Justice =)

De Yang said...

Road hogging? Is that how you define road hogging? The motorcyclist is definitely overtaking the slower vehicles on the left lanes, it is the taxi which is tailgating the bike. According to what you said, it is the impatience of drivers which cause the death of motorcyclists, not road hogging. So we blame it on the culture or lack of education? Besides, statistics show that road hogging is not a contributing factor to motorcyclist deaths. I've seen more drivers hogging up the right lane though. I drive to work and ride on weekends, those taxis piss me off than bikes do.

Servant of Justice Bao Gong said...

Thank u for your comments De Yang & =): The purpose of this post is to show motorists different perspectives of other road users. In the initial part of the video, there was a bike who overtook a lorry (& he kept left after overtaking). The other bike (with boxes) is hogging the right lane, and thus, the taxi & other cars behind who wants to go fast cannot, because they are blocked by the bike which is hogging the right lane. Imagine if your loved ones are injured and is inside the taxi and needs to rush to hospital, and you are blocked by this bike on the right lane? For the younger bikers, it is better for you to keep off the right lane: Firstly it is safer, secondly, you will not be tailgated if you are not hogging the extreme right lane.

Ah mao said...

If there is a case of an emergency case in the cab,i'm sure that there was ample space for the cab to change lane to the left and overtake the biker and another thing to note is that the rider(with boxes) isn't road hogging as you can see that his speed is at a much faster pace then vehicles on lane 2 and 3 which is on his left.if we were say this as road hogging,cars travelling at lane 1(extreme right lane) will also be considered as road hogging.Why the double standard for cars n bikes on lane 1??

Pplater said...

Please take time to read the responses to your thread in SBF forum which your opened and reply. I understand where you are coming from, and ackowledge the effort you put into promoting road safety and saving lives. You could do an even better job by learning from other forumers about the proper definition of road hogging, and what safer riding is about. This will help you in educating other bikers, drivers and road users in general.

Pplater said...

corrections: I realized the thread starter and you the blogger could be 2 different persons. Nevertheless do check out other's comments. We could all benefit from sharing with others. Cheers.