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Monday, November 10, 2008

Justice Bao Gong: SAVE MONEY on your Telephone Line!

Good day everyone,

This post is a gentle reminder to all Singaporeans that on 1 January 2009, Singtel will INCREASE its FIXED LINE TELEPHONE SUBSCRIPTION to $110 / year for residential customers & $160 / year for business customers.

Those who has fixed line and wish to save some money amidst the economic downturn and rising inflation can call 1633 starhub and request to apply for a free fix home line. You can also choose to keep your existing home line number if you wish at no charge.

For the convenience of Justice Bao Gong's readers, press the following to speak to someone:

1 - For English or 2 - for Mandarin
4, and wait for customer service officer to speak to you.

You still need to fax/ email some forms to them.
Download these forms HERE.

Congratulations, you have SAVED MONEY.

References: (Click below)

* Singtel increase fix line rates
* Starhubs gives FREE fix line !

Your humble servant of
Justice Bao Gong

Monday, November 3, 2008

Justice Bao Gong: Who's Causing the JAM? Part 2: Taxi HOGGERS


The below taxi was blocking the ambulance for quite some stretch along the CTE until he saw us standing on the bridge with the camera and started to filter left. Shortly after, another taxi from the same company turned right and cut into the path of the ambulance, despite the ambulance's flashing lights!

This white ROADHOGGING Taxi is holding up traffic in CTE. All the whole trail of cars behind him cannot overtake as he is hogging the extreme right lane.

Yet another ROADHOGGING blue taxi BLOCKING everyone's way in the CTE and thus causing slow moving traffic as vehicles behind cannot overtake because of these hoggers.

Another taxi (yellow colour) causing us to pay HIGHER ERP charges because of his ROADHOGGING. Notice all the frustrated vehicles behind him who are trying to overtake but are unable to because he is blocking the extreme right lane AND GOING SLOWER THAN THE LORRY in the middle lane.

Yet another ROADHOGGING Taxi HOGGING the extreme right lane, causing traffic JAM. Drivers behind this ROADHOGGING taxi cannot overtake because taxi refuse to keep left & is driving slower than the traffic on the centre lane.

If you have been wondering why you are paying higher ERP Charges, now you know why. In future posts, their number plates will be revealed so that the public knows who are these inconsiderate drivers BLOCKING AMBULANCES and CAUSING TRAFFIC JAMS BY HOGGING THE EXTREME RIGHT LANE & REFUSING TO KEEP LEFT.

Send us your comments on what solutions you have to ease the JAMs on the expressway and how to SAVE more LIVES by enabling ambulances to move more freely on the roads.

Your humble servant of
Justice Bao Gong