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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Justice Bao Gong: Help for the Poor and Less Fortunate

JUSTICE BAO GONG: To Serve and to Protect

If you are a union member and if a family member passes away, suffer from chronic illness or become incapacitated, you can obtain assistance at the below contact numbers:

Kalau agamamu adalah Muslim, dan sedang mengalami penyakit buruk, atau menjadi janda, atau gaji tidak cukup, kamu boleh dapat bantuan dari CDC atau hubungi MUIS pada nombor telepon terlampir untuk minta pertolongan.

If your household income is low and are unable to make ends meet, or if you know someone who is desperately in need of money to survive, you can look for help in this 'HOPE' program by the Singapore Government below:

If you are unable to work, or temporarily unable to work, or unable to work due to disability, old age or sickness, you can obtain the attached financial help from the related Government agencies.

There are also a whole list of other very useful ASSISTANCE SCHEMES for the POOR and the less fortunate, a very much appreciated initiative from the Singapore Government. More details can be obtained at the following website. You may contact them or your nearest Community Development Council (CDC) to ask for assistance :

Life is a paradise for a fortunate few who soak in the sea of plenty, but for the vast majority, many are drowning in the ocean of poverty. But worry not, as there are always help available. Many thanks to the Singapore Government who have made the necessary plans and safety net for the really poor to obtain financial assistance.

It is the middle class that will find life very hard in Singapore, because many of the middle class will NOT be eligible for these financial assistance. You will have to be very very poor in order to obtain these financial assistance.

Another way to help the squeezed middle class is probably reduce the cost of living in Singapore, or rather, reduce FOOD INFLATION. Hawker food prices has been drastically increasing with no let down in prices and something must be done. In future posts, we will highlight good hearted hawkers who sell their food and drinks cheap, unlike those Kopitiam, Koufu monopolies who sell ridiculously high prices for their drinks and food.

You can obtain further information at this website:

* The above information is only a short summary of assistance available. For full details and conditions that apply, do contact your nearest CDC for clarification. The contents and opinions stated in this website are solely from Mulia of justicebaogong and we are publishing this in the hope of reaching out to the families and individuals who are truly in need so as to enable them to find the financial help that they may urgently need.