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Friday, October 24, 2008


There was an accident involving a taxi who has collided into a motorcycle at the junction of Xilin Ave and Changi South Ave 3.

We appeal to the public to step forward to witness for the motorcyclist, who was turning right when the taxi collided into him.

The motorcyclist vaguely remembers a White Mini Cooper driving behind him and is appealing to this White Mini Cooper driver to step up to be his witness.

We also appeal for other motorists who happened to be present to kindly contact us to provide your much needed witness statements. Yes, we all know that the red tape created by the various Singapore ministries are a waste of time, but we appeal to your compassionate side to come forth to witness for the poor bloke: In Singapore where more and more cars are added into the roads in tandem with the increasing number of ERP Gantries which serve as a CASH TAP for the Government where in times of this financial crisis where their coffers are low, this is one method to boost its treasuries. Just build more ERP Gantries, and before any violent objection surfaces, they inject more COEs to let the COE price fall, and the Singaporean sheep roars into cheers, forgetting about the new ERP Gantries & that they'll start paying more: The government is the ultimate maestro when it comes to making money and keeping the population in check.

With more and more cars on the road, chances of accident will be higher, and you COULD BE NEXT. And when that happens, you would be appealing for witnesses. Time to pause a while, think about the last time you did a GOOD DEED. Please pass this around your friends and if you have witnessed this accident, please do contact us. Your good heart will not go unnoticed.

~Be near when help is needed, but far when praise and thanks are being offered.
Take small account of might, wealth and fame, for they soon pass and are forgotten. Instead, nurture love within you and and strive to be a friend to all. Truly, compassion is a balm for many wounds.~ Dhammavadaka

"Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. Rescue the weak and needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked." Psalm 82:3-4

Mercy is heaven itself; to be good, we have all to be merciful. Even justice and right should stand on mercy.

Allah doesn't like unjustice. He loveth not those who do wrong. If you end up suffering injustice, we do not know what Allah has planned in the bigger picture of things. Allah is The Just; and will bring justice. If not now, then in the hereafter.

Your humble servant
Justice Bao Gong

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