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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Justice Bao Gong: Who's Causing the JAM?

Good day everyone,

In today's post, we have researched and gathered evidence of the inconsiderate RoadHOGGERS that are the reason behind why there are more and more ERP Gantries and why ERP charges are going higher. These inconsiderate ROADHOGGERS could also be the cause of the deaths of some unfortunate victims in ambulances which they have blocked on the expressways. Who are these morons?

We have gathered evidence showing some of the road hoggers contributing to the JAMS along Central Expressway (CTE). They REFUSE TO KEEP LEFT but instead HOG THE RIGHT LANE and go slower than the trucks on their left, causing the perennial jams along the CTE because all the few hundred cars behind them who wants to go faster cannot because they are blocked by these ROAD HOGGERS (If you observe carefully, there are no cars in front of these ROAD HOGGERS (hogging the extreme right lane) but a long queue of cars BEHIND THEM. ie THEY ARE CAUSING THE JAM).
Watch these videos of these ROAD HOGGERS causing the jam and even BLOCKING AMBULANCES:

The Problem is exacerbated by the fact that Traffic Police do not seem to be interested in booking these road hoggers: They seem to be more interested in causing more jams by booking fast moving vehicles rather than road hoggers. Ask around your friends: When was the last time they were booked for road hogging? They probably struck more 4D lottery than been booked for road hogging. Ask around again who's been booked for speeding: probably everyone except the road hoggers.

So, do you think the attitude of the traffic police has resulted in a country of road hoggers: Who cares if I'm causing the jam, Traffic Police are not going to book me anyway, but if I am considerate and go faster so as to filter left to let traffic behind me past, I'll get booked by Traffic Police for speeding. So, is the Traffic Police actually contributing to this problem of road hogging and traffic jams because of their system of booking people. What's your take on this?

So what is the SOLUTIONS to reducing the traffic jams? Traffic Police or Land Transport Authority should BAN these inconsiderate ROAD HOGGERS from using the extreme right lane or

First time Road Hogging offence: Fine $10,000
Second time
Road Hogging Offence: Fine $100,000
Third time Road Hogging offence: Banned from Driving on extreme right lane & Fine $200,000.
Okay, the above is a bit too harsh, as much as I would like it to be implemented. But if the law was passed, you can be sure the roads would definitely be more free flowing. Solutions after the videos.

If you're wondering why :
Singapore always kena TRAFFIC JAMs? Why more and more ERPs? Why ERP Charges More and More EXPENSIVE?
CHECK OUT the CAUSE of it here:
(We noticed that TAXIs form the BULK OF THE ROADHOGGING & something must be done about it: In our future posts, we will show the motoring community ALL THE TAXIs HOGGING the extreme right lane. One cannot see the cause of the jam while on the road, but from these videos, one will understand why the CTE is jammed and slow moving: because of these slow Road Hoggers taking their Sunday Drive to the right lane during peak hours)

What one should do is to ALWAYS KEEP LEFT, even though you claim you are travelling at speed limit. In Singapore, LIFE IS HECTIC and there are always people rushing. Don't block their way by hogging the right lane.

He may be rushing to take a loved one to hospital, and there you are hogging the right lane, causing the jam and no one can overtake because of you.

If you like to travel on the extreme right lane (Because its faster, and you are the type of driver that don't like to change lane or not confident enough to change lanes), PLEASE DO CHECK YOUR REAR VIEW MIRROR AND FILTER LEFT WHEN YOU ARE BEING TAILGATED. YOU ARE BEING TAILGATED BECAUSE THE CAR BEHIND WANTS TO GO FASTER BUT YOU ARE BLOCKING THE RIGHT LANE (WHICH HAPPENS TO BE THE OVERTAKING LANE, in case you haven't realised), and he cannot overtake on the left because the left lanes are for slower moving vehicles. If you think he is speeding, then that's the job of the Traffic Police, who is ALWAYS looking to book fast cars & its not for you to stop him from speeding by ROADHOGGING.

If you insist on hogging the extreme right lane, you are risking the ire of the hundreds of motorists that are caught in the JAM that is caused by YOU. And if you happened to be flashed and horned by the tailgater and you insist on hogging the right lane, there is a high possibility that the whole bunch of drivers would just come out of their cars and give you a free nose job, and you have no witnesses because everyone behind you wants to rearrange your face.

Singapore is already a very stressful and expensive place, Don't Create Road Rage and Don't risk being bashed up by insisting on Road Hogging and Blocking everyone else on the Expressways.

And don't be the cause of the HIGHER ERP charges.

Be Considerate, KEEP LEFT.

(Photograph from : My Paper)


Anonymous said...

Where's the road hogging in first video? I see no road hogging..

mulia said...

Hi anonymous, the 1st video captured the Lancer blocking the ambulance's way for the whole stretch of the CTE.

Anonymous said...

do we need to give way to ambulances which do not switch on their flashing lights?

Servant of Justice Bao Gong said...

Hello Anonymous,
We would appreciate if you could leave your name and email. It would be good to give way to ambulances even though their sirens nor lights are on. This is because if they are able to reach their stations earlier, they are able to better attend to another emergency faster than when they are still stuck behind the roadhoggers in the expressways.

Seven said...

I think the lancer was keeping a safe following distance more than anything. And there is absolutely no need to give way to ambulances when the emergency lights are on.

Of course it would be nice to but sometimes its just impossible.

Even IF the lancer did give way for some reason, there's still the whole line of vehicles up ahead.

Servant of Justice Bao Gong said...

Thank u for your comment Seven.

It is extremely disturbing to hear someone saying there is 'absolutely no need to give way to ambulances when the emergency lights are on". Regardless of whether ambulance sirens or lights are on or not, it is a civil responsibility of all motorists to be considerate and give way IMMEDIATELY upon spotting an ambulance in the rear view mirror. If everyone keeps left with the above consideration in mind, more lives can be saved.

If everyone thinks like you seven, innocent lives could be lost due to your callous & inconsiderate thinking. I sincerely hope you are NOT the driver of that lancer
SGF 7890L or SJF225T.

One of these days, should you or your loved ones be inside the ambulance needing to be urgently rushed to hospital immediately, and you have someone hogging the right lane, with a mindset like yours, thinking 'ah, no need to give way to ambulances', how would you feel then?

Seven said...

Eh sorry. That was a typo. I meant there was absolutely no need to give way to ambulances or emergency vehicles when the emergency lights are NOT on. Sorry about that.

Oh been there done that. Believe me. I work in the emergency services. I've been stuck countless times behind motorists when the blinkers and sirens are on. They tend not to move and most of the time when we overtake on the right they seem frozen with fear.

Not all drivers are capable of giving way in the best possible manner. Most don't know how. ESPECIALLY when the blinking lights and sirens are on. It just has an effect of stressing them.

Thats why emergency vehicles in SG are not allowed under policy to beat red-lights. Sometimes its not about arriving as soon as possible but arriving safely.

Servant of Justice Bao Gong said...

Hi Seven,
My apologies for the harsh tone bcos I figured it was a prankster trying to be funny. Do accept my appreciation for your rendering of emergency services. Singaporeans should accord more appreciation and respect to kind souls like yourself who choose to work in vocations helping other people. I totally agree with you that there are plenty of 'KAYU' drivers who hog the right lane and don't even realise they are blocking traffic or blocking ambulances. By the time they realise they have an ambulance tailgating them, they are unable to filter left. (Because they are roadhogging and going slower than the traffic on the left). There's basically 3 types of Roadhoggers: The 1st are the 'blurr kayus', 2nd are the type who thinks they are driving within speed limits and they got no idea they are blocking traffic, and the last type are the worst: They have totally no regard for road users behind them, and they refuse to keep left because they don't care that they are blocking traffic or causing a huge jam behind them: Basically, they only think for themselves (these group will probably only 'wake up'from their selfishness when they suffer some life threatening heart attack, and need to be rushed to hospital in an ambulance and be STUCK in the CTE with a similar roadhogger blocking his way- That will be the realisation of his KARMA resulting from his inconsiderate roadhogging of all the injured patients in ambulances that he has blocked in his driving lifetime)