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Monday, November 10, 2008

Justice Bao Gong: SAVE MONEY on your Telephone Line!

Good day everyone,

This post is a gentle reminder to all Singaporeans that on 1 January 2009, Singtel will INCREASE its FIXED LINE TELEPHONE SUBSCRIPTION to $110 / year for residential customers & $160 / year for business customers.

Those who has fixed line and wish to save some money amidst the economic downturn and rising inflation can call 1633 starhub and request to apply for a free fix home line. You can also choose to keep your existing home line number if you wish at no charge.

For the convenience of Justice Bao Gong's readers, press the following to speak to someone:

1 - For English or 2 - for Mandarin
4, and wait for customer service officer to speak to you.

You still need to fax/ email some forms to them.
Download these forms HERE.

Congratulations, you have SAVED MONEY.

References: (Click below)

* Singtel increase fix line rates
* Starhubs gives FREE fix line !

Your humble servant of
Justice Bao Gong

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